Principal Investigator

Benjamin K. Bergen

Interests: Language comprehension and production, meaning and grammar.

Graduate students

James Michaelov

James Michaelov

James’s research focuses on prediction in language comprehension.

James is also affiliated with the Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny via the the Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny.

Cameron Jones

Cameron is interested in how our knowledge about the world influences the way we understand language and how we make inferences to go beyond what is explicitly stated in the text.

Tyler Chang

Tyler is interested in comparisons between language processing in people and language models. Tyler is also affiliated with the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute.

Research Assistants

Alex Liebscher

Dan Kaliblotzky

Graduate Student Alumni

Sean Trott (now at UCSD)

Joshua Davis (now at SCC)

Rachel Ostrand (now at IBM)

Elkin Darío Gutiérrez (also now at IBM)

Rose Hendricks (now with the Society Civic Science Initiative)

Manami Sato (now at Okinawa International University)

Tyler Margetis (now at UC Merced)

Nian Liu (now at University of Oklahoma)

Carl Polley (now at the University of Hawai`i)

Jawee Perla (now at American University)

Bodo Winter (now at University of Birmingham)

Napasri Timyam (now at Kasetsaert University)

Song Jiang (now at University of Hawai`i)

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Stefanie Reed (now at CUNY)

Alex Liebscher (now at BetterUp)

Dan Kaliblotzky

Travis Talcott (now at Binghamton University)

Mikhail Stahl (now at UserZoom)

Chitra Subrahmanyam

Myrna Aboudiab

Michael Belcher

Matt Wynn (now at Washington University)

Ben Stillerman (now at NYU)

Austen McMahan

Clarice Robenalt (now at LinkedIn)

Ankitha Bharadwaj (now at Facebook)

Ian Loofbourow (now at Playstation)

Joanne Ku (now at CalOptima)

Tam Nguyen

Chloe Sanossian (now at Safe-T-Proof)

Henry Bley-Vroman (now at Viget)

Iris Kolberg (now at PHCC)